Online Content Duplication, Google Search Engine And Your Home Based Business Strategies


Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet today. In order to optimize your web page for Google, it is not acceptable to duplicate your Home Based Business Online Content and manipulate with the search engine ranking. Google has several millions of billions of pages in its database and can easily detect if the content or the domain names have been duplicated.

However, when one looks at the practical sides of it, it seems to be along shot. Suppose for the sake of argument lets say, Google has 5 billion pages in its database. It will include billions of attempts to compare one page to another. Not only is the task in hand mammoth but it’s also insignificant.

Having your Home Based Business website with duplicate content does not necessarily mean that it is spam. amoxil cheap On the contrary, it will only lead to a lower page ranking of both websites. The links to each site will be considerably less. So looking from the perspective of Google, there is very little Google has to gain considering the enormous expenditure involved in finding out if the website is a spam or not.

In real life, there are several circumstances where a duplicate content has nothing to do with the spam. Read on to find some such circumstances for your e-Marketing.

Mirroring a website
This is usually done to split the traffic between two copies of the website.

Mirroring for region
This is normally done to reduce the traffic for a particular region. For example, an identical copy of website can be put for Europe and another one for America.

Viral marketing
In return for links, often websites allow their articles to be republished.

Different domain names
Sometimes a site may work under different domain names viz. .com, .net and .org versions. The content in all these variations will remain the same.

Different domain names for different markets
Suppose, if your Home Based Business website wants to address several niche markets, like search engine optimization, web designing etc, it is recommended to have domain names like seo.com and webdesign.com, online amoxil even though the content of these sites remain the same.

It is a fact that 70% of traffic generated to your Home Based Business website comes from search engines like Google. Hence it is well worth your time and effort to respect the specifications and recommendations suggested by the search engines. This is very important for ensuring the survival of your Home Based Business website in search engines.

Read on to find a few recommendations to ensure a long life website for your Home Based Business Strategy.

Multiple domains
It is tremendously advantageous for your website to have multiple domains. You can permanently redirect the visitors of your web page to a different domain. This would simply tell your web browser that the page has been removed and to proceed to the following page and that the move has been permanent. This strategy will not only allow multiple domains but will also allow the website spider to redirect without any room for confusion.

Republished articles
The article you write will be published and republished on several websites. In return, those websites will publish a link back to your website.

If your Home Based Business website requires multiple versions of itself, you can safely go about it without the fear of being considered as spam.

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